A Year of Service

On August 23, 2017, Payscout and the Jefferson Awards Foundation celebrate the one-year anniversary of a partnership dedicated to powering and celebrating public service.

Exactly one year ago today, Payscout partnered with the Jefferson Awards Foundation, the nation’s most prestigious and longest-standing organization dedicated to powering and celebrating public service, as part of their Champions program.

Champions are companies who partner with the Jefferson Awards Foundation to engage in meaningful community service and celebrate employees and others in their communities with Jefferson Awards.

The partnership has been a natural fit for Payscout, whose Vision, Mission, and Cultural Attributes are inspired by the Belief that “every individual has a social responsibility to make the world a better place.”

When determining how best to implement programs and activities to support that Belief, Payscout turned to the Jefferson Awards Foundation to engage in their esteemed year-long community outreach initiatives that focus on supporting education and social entrepreneurship.

As the first Jefferson Awards Foundation Champion in Los Angeles, Payscout launched a mentoring project with Van Nuys Middle School as part of the Foundation’s Students in Action program.  JAF launched the Students In Action program in 2006 with a goal of developing today’s students into tomorrow’s community leaders.  The three pillars of the program are Leadership, Engagement, and Impact.

Several members of the Payscout Family volunteered time to mentor the Van Nuys Middle School students and support their social entrepreneurship endeavor, Operation: Blankets of Love, a student-led initiative to collect blankets for animals in a local shelter.  The goal of the service project was to drive an increase in adoption rates among the pets.  The Payscout team provided guidance on how best to market the service project, find creative ways to engage their local community, and present the summary findings of their project at the Students in Action final competition event.

On Friday, May 26, Payscout and the Jefferson Awards Foundation presented a banner honoring the Middle Schoolers’ Silver Leadership award for their inspirational social entrepreneurship.  The Appreciation and Celebration Event at Van Nuys Middle School, at which Payscout presented a banner alongside the Jefferson Awards Foundation, welcomed representatives from the LA Chamber of Commerce, the LA Unified School District (Superintendent Michelle King was a Special Honoree at the event), and Ms. Candy Williams, CEO of Empowered Gifts was on hand, as well.

By partnering with the Jefferson Awards Foundation, Payscout is poised to expand the scope and reach of these initiatives—and build a culture of service among our nation’s youth.

Merchant Spotlight: Bolinha Restaurant

Payscout is powering payment solutions for one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in São Paulo, Brazil: Bolinha.  In this Merchant Spotlight feature, we explore delicious Brazilian feijoada and learn how Payscout is supporting entrepreneurs globally.

Bolinha was founded in 1946 when a taxi driver named Affonso “Bolinha” Paulillo bought a little bar in the Jardins area of São Paulo, Brazil.

The Brazilian restaurant primarily served pizzas and a la carte menu items up until 1952, when Paulillo first served his version of the traditional Brazilian dish, feijoada, to his friends to celebrate the victory of his soccer team.

Feijoada is a dish that consists of a stew of black beans with various types of pork and beef, served with farofa, white rice, braised cabbage, sliced orange, and other accompaniments.  His friends enjoyed the dish so much, it was added to the Wednesday and Saturday menu at Bolinha, and since 1976 it has been served daily.

Bolinha’s feijoada is internationally renowned and prepared in the traditional way, in the same wood burning stove since 1946.  It is served in two versions, traditional and light, with ten different garnishes.  It is recognized and awarded as the best feijoada in Brazil.

Today, Bolinha Restaurant is managed by brothers José Orlando and Paulo Affonso Paulillo, who learned the business from their father, Affonso Paulillo, the original “Bolinha.”

The tradition and culture that are reflected in Bolinha’s cuisine are the same ingredients in Payscout’s recipe for successfully supporting global entrepreneurs:  It all starts with culture.

By engaging international merchants with cultural empathy, by learning about the history and tradition behind Bolinha’s authentic Brazilian fare, Payscout powers the customized solutions that drive continued success for Bolinha’s point-of-sale payments solutions.

So the next time you’re in São Paulo, Brazil, don’t forget to sample the traditional, authentic Brazilian fare at Bolinha Restaurant – and remember that cultural empathy is the key to supporting the entrepreneurial dream.

WATCH: Money20/20 EU Panel on Virtual Reality

Payscout CEO & Co-Founder Cleveland Brown recently moderated a panel at Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark on, “Virtual Reality and the Monetization of Immersive Content.” In his opening monologue, Brown unveiled a teaser trailer of Payscout’s VR Commerce solution before leading a discussion on the future of virtual reality and payments.

You  can watch a video recording of the panel here.

Topics: Global eCommerce

Payscout Leads Compliance Talks at ACA International Convention

Payscout hosted an interactive panel, “Payment Compliance Outlook and Why It Matters to Collection Agencies,” at the ACA International Annual Convention and Expo.ACA Convention, the largest event for the credit and collections industry, provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from experts whose innovative ideas keep professionals ahead of a shifting regulatory environment, informed of emerging legal trends, as well as uncovering emerging trends and best practices with industry leaders.


The panel was moderated by Payscout Strategic Sales and Business Development Manager – ARM, Fran Fisher, who appeared alongside Edward Marshall, Chair – Business and Litigation Payment Systems Practice at Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP; Brian Riley, Director of Credit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group; and Giles Witherspoon-Boyd, President and CEO at Protocol Enterprises.


Together, the group provided an outlook for payment compliance issues and regulatory changes expected under the new administration. Focus was placed on how regulations such as PCI DSS and Reg E – and changes to them – impacted collection agencies and other ARM companies. The panelists explained why it is important for organizers to pay attention, under the watchful eye of the CFPB, which oversees the payments industry.


The interactive session was one highlight of Payscout’s involvement in the ACA Expo. Payscout returned as a prominent exhibitor at the Convention and treated attendees to a new virtual reality (VR) experience highlighting the company’s thought-leading solutions and Award-Winning culture.


Payscout has been actively serving the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry for over a decade. The company built its reputation by providing unparalleled customer service and offering legitimate merchant accounts to collection agencies through reliable and highly sustainable acquiring banks. Payscout’s vision is to become the thought-leading and fastest-growing global payment processing provider in the world


Topics: ARM

Payscout Engages Congressional Caucus on Virtual Reality

Payscout was in Washington, D.C. last week for a series of meetings with the  Congressional Caucus on Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Technologies, in which the global payment processing provider  demonstrated the world’s first  VR Commerce solution.

Payscout CEO & Co-Founder Cleveland Brown, COO Juan Sotelo, and Communications and Content Strategist George Smith were on Capitol Hill last week demonstrating their patent-pending Virtual Reality (VR) Commerce  solution in the offices of  Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-N.Y.), Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.), Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas), Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), co-chairs of  the Congressional Caucus on Virtual, Augumented, and Mixed Reality Technologies (commonly referred to as the “Reality Caucus”).

Payscout’s meetings with Reality Caucus Co-Chairs were mentioned by Politico in the outlet’s Morning Tech tipsheet.

According to the press release that accompanied the announcement of the Reality Caucus formation, the group was formed:

“…to foster information sharing between Congress and our nation’s world-leading technology industry. These technologies have shown tremendous potential for innovation in the fields of entertainment, education and healthcare. As these technologies develop, questions will inevitably rise in privacy, intellectual property and other areas. This is an opportunity to educate our colleagues and others to ensure Congress is doing all it can to encourage – rather than hinder – these enterprising fields. We look forward to working with our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to help support innovation and address the challenges posed by this emerging sector.”

Payscout is a culture built on innovation, education, and the entrepreneurial spirit, so it is fitting the Reality Caucus would an engage a pioneer in VR Commerce such as Payscout.

Payscout’s patent-pending VR Commerce solution, the first in the world of its kind, enables frictionless payments in VR experiences powered by Visa Checkout. The application  was announced at Money20/20 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and marks the first time that consumers can shop and purchase physical products within an immersive VR experience — and have those products delivered to their homes.

The Reality Caucus will continue to engage Payscout in an effort to advance their educational efforts.

Payscout CFO Obtains Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Certification

Payscout Chief Financial Officer Dan Gardner is now a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) after successfully completing his certification with the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

The ACAMS is the largest international membership organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and expertise of financial crime detection and prevention professionals, from a wide range of industries, in both the public and private sectors.

The CAMS certification is the global gold standard in anti-money laundering (AML) certifications.

The certification places Gardner among an esteemed international group, which includes members of financial institutions, regulators, NGOs, and more, who are involved in the flow of money and the controls related to tracking and reporting activity.

As a voluntary undertaking, the successful completion of the CAMS certification process demonstrates not only a commitment to Payscout’s core Cultural Attributes of Integrity/Trust, but also a broader movement in the financial services industry to create a “culture of compliance.”

Payscout, a leading global in payment processing provider operating on six continents, recently received its Financial Institution (FI) License in the EU and is now a regulated entity. For the Chief Financial Officer to voluntarily obtain a CAMS certification suggests Payscout is intent upon acting with the utmost Integrity, both as an FI in the EU, and more broadly as the thought-leading global payment processing provider in the world.

Payscout #38 Among Largest Minority-Owned Businesses in LA

Payscout has been ranked #38 on the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2017 list of Largest Minority-Owned Companies in LA.  The Los Angeles Business Journal published their 2017 list of the 100 Largest Minority-Owned Businesses in LA this week. “Largest” is determined by revenue (2016), but the list also denotes the growth percentage of each company.  Remarkably, among the 100 largest minority-owned companies in LA for 2017, Payscout posted the fourth highest growth rate from 2015-2016. That incredible pace of growth is central to the Vision of Payscout, which is to become the thought-leading and fastest-growing global payment processing provider in the world. Companies must be at least 50% minority owned in order to qualify for consideration on the LABJ’s list. Payscout, which is co-owned by Cleveland Brown and Manpreet Singh, is 100% minority owned.

Partnership Provides Flexible Payment Options in ARM

Payscout recently announced a strengthening partnership with software solutions provider HealPay in alignment with strategies to best serve the companies’ mutual customers.  Many of those customers are entrepreneurs in the all-important accounts receivable management (ARM) space, and the Payscout/HealPay partnership means more innovative, flexible payment integration options.

“When merchants deploy consumer friendly software, they process more payments,” said HealPay Co-Founder and CEO Erick Bzovi. “Our partnership with Payscout gives HealPay a strong back-end provider, allowing us to scale into new markets and attract more growth-oriented merchants. The partnership enables us to double down into the growing Accounts Receivable space.” HealPays’s flagship application, SettlementApp, innovates by analyzing data and providing individuals with flexible payment options. Those options are a key differentiator for ARM firms looking to provide painless, frictionless payment experiences for their customers. Payscout, the global payment processing engine powering HealPay’s front-end solutions, and HealPay are integrated with leading claims management software, accounting software, and payment gateways, enabling automated reports and reducing data entry.  HealPay and Payscout work with large creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys to help them collect payments with the most convenient and reliable solutions.  For both companies, the approach is simple: Partner with the best, most customer-focused solutions providers to deliver streamlined bill pay services and the very best software integrations in the ARM industry. Those solutions make life for entrepreneurs easier, and that’s how Payscout “supports the entrepreneurial dream one transaction at a time.”

Payscout to Bring Virtual Reality to Money20/20 EU

Money20/20, “the global platform that inspires and enables innovators to create the future of money,” is the world’s largest FinTech event, serving as a key industry benchmark and global hub for new deals and business development. On June 27, Payscout will unveil their VR Commerce solution at Money20/20 EU in Copenhagen.  Payscout has announced a Money20/20 EU panel, “Virtual Reality and the Monetisation of Immersive Content,” which will coincide with the launch of Payscout’s innovative and thought-leading VR Commerce payments solution.  The VR panel will be moderated by Payscout Co-Founder and CEO, Cleveland Brown, who will appear alongside Dr. Danny Lange, VP of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies; Bill Gajda, SVP, Global Head, Innovation, VISA; Trevor Pollard, VP of Architecture and Design at Westfield; and Paul Aspuria, Filmmaker/Director and Partner at Film Antics Productions, where Aspuria has created multiple 360-degree video, immersive experiences in VR. Together, the group will share their thought-leading insider insights on the monetization of VR content and challenge industry expectations surrounding this emerging technology.

The VR panel coincides with the launch of Payscout’s VR Commerce solution and will feature the unveiling of an immersive 360-degree shopping experience via an exported video recording of a real transaction in VR. Working with the finest IT people in the industry, Payscout is pioneering a completely new vision for online shopping. Payscout’s Vision is to become the thought-leading and fastest-growing global payment processing provider in the world. Payscout’s pursuit of pioneering VR Commerce aligns with the company’s vision to be thought leading.