Integrate Transaction Data into Your QuickBooks Account!

Are you looking to integrate QuickBooks with your current credit card processing system? If so, consider trying Payscout for QuickBooks! You can experience the convenience of QuickBooks combined with the quality of service you have come to expect out of Payscout.

By linking your credit card and check transaction processing with your QuickBooks accounting program, you can pay invoices, process transactions, generate sales receipts, apply open invoices, and synchronize transaction data without ever leaving your QuickBooks dashboard. Payscout for QuickBooks also offers recurring payment capabilities, and each transaction is encrypted end-to-end by the Payscout Customer Vault. Payscout for QuickBooks is compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Why Choose Payscout for QuickBooks?

If you have ever used QuickBooks before, you know that merchants must make double-entries when transactions are completed. Once the transaction is completed in the gateway, the entry has to be manually input into QuickBooks. The Payscout for QuickBooks Syncpay feature eliminates the double-entry problem by allowing merchants to make an accounting entries without ever leaving the QuickBooks interface.

Payscout for QuickBooks benefits at a glance:

  • Works directly within QuickBooks
  • Allows merchants to pay invoices
  • Generates sales receipts
  • Processes batch transactions
  • Generates batch reports
  • Allows multiple payments against open invoices
  • Supports card present transactions
  • Supports end-to-end encryption
  • Compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise

If you are new to using QuickBooks, or have questions about Payscout for QuickBooks, visit our website or contact one of our customer service specialists at 888.689.6088 for more information!

Restaurant Merchant Accounts

Restaurant and hospitality oriented entrepreneurs know that having amazing customer service is a defining part of what makes a business successful. To many customers, the ways they can pay for a meal or service makes a huge difference in whether they will return to your establishment. In an age of smartphones, tablet point-of-sale (POS) systems, online banking, and virtual shopping the limitation of only accepting cash or check payments is no longer a sustainable business model.

On top of providing your customers outstanding service and products, you need to provide flexible payment options, or risk losing out on a sale. Patrons utilize credit and debit cards for their purchases at restaurants more than any other kind of establishment. In 2012, a full 81 percent of all full-service restaurants in the U.S. used plastic for those purchases; up 7 percent from 2004. This trend is expected to continue with percentages reaching up to 90% by the year 2016. 92 percent of restaurants accept debit, credit, and pre-paid cards as a form of payment, and that number is also on the rise.

According to a 2014 report from, close to 50 percent of Americans carry $20 or less each day, including nine percent who don’t carry any cash at all. By adding credit and debit card acceptance to your payment options, you will open up a whole new avenue of sales and ensure that you never have to turn away another customer who doesn’t carry cash.

Before you choose a service provider and open a restaurant merchant account, take the following into consideration:

  1. Fees that the provider charges – It is important that the entrepreneur know how they will be charged for each transaction. Some providers will charge hidden fees on top of what is already charged by the credit card associations. Only do business with a provider that has a transparent fee structure.
  2. Account caps – It is important that the account not be capped to ensure that all the payments can be withdrawn.
  3. Customer service – You should be able to reach your provider with questions and concerns quickly and receive quality service, regardless of the size of your business.

For more information about merchant accounts, check out the Payscout website or contact one of our customer service specialists at 888.689.6088 to learn how we can help your restaurant business grow!

How a Payment Gateway Can Help Your Business

Today, innovations in information and communication technology are making it easier than ever to connect with people from all over the globe. We now have instant access to a vast online marketplace that has revolutionized the way we do business. While running an online store is incredibly convenient for you and your customers, it also leaves you susceptible to fraud. In order to do business online, you will need an online payment gateway, or virtual terminal, to keep your transactions safe.

A virtual terminal is the link merchants need to enter credit, debit and automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments online securely and efficiently through their own computer. A virtual terminal can be used to process card-based and ACH transactions from any computer with Internet access, anywhere in the world, enabling the merchant to securely handle the verification, reporting and processing of transactions.

Virtual terminals work much like when a customer submits an order through either a securely hosted payment form or through an integrated shopping cart. The customer’s credit card information is encrypted and the payment makes its way to the payment gateway, which forwards the information to the merchant’s bank processor. Next, the payment is processed through the card network and authorized by the customer’s issuing bank.

There are many benefits to having a virtual terminal, including enabling secure transmissions of customer data, receiving less chargebacks due to the transactions being verified, automatic PCI compliance, and the ability to accept all major card brands.

For more information on virtual terminals and how they could benefit your business, please visit the Payscout website, or call one of our specialists today at 1-888-689-6088.