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Merchant Spotlight: Bolinha Restaurant

Posted by George Smith on Aug 11, 2017 12:41:48 AM


Payscout is powering payment solutions for  one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in São Paulo, Brazil: Bolinha. In this Merchant Spotlight feature, we explore delicious Brazilian feijoada and learn how Payscout is supporting entrepreneurs globally.

Bolinha was founded in 1946 when a taxi driver named Affonso "Bolinha" Paulillo bought a little bar in the Jardins area of  São Paulo, Brazil.

The Brazilian restaurant primarily served pizzas and a la carte menu items up until 1952, when Paulillo first served his version of the traditional  Brazilian dish, feijoada,  to his friends to celebrate the victory of his soccer team.   

Feijoada is a dish that consists of a stew of black beans with various types of pork and beef, served with farofa, white rice, braised cabbage, sliced orange, and other accompaniements.  His friends enjoyed the dish so much, it was added to the  Wednesday and Saturday menu at Bolinha, and since 1976 it has been served daily.

Bolinha's feijoada is internationally renowned and  prepared in the traditional way, in the same wood burning stove since 1946. It is served in two versions, traditional and light, with ten different garnishes. It is recognized and awarded as the best feijoada in Brazil.

Today, Bolinha Restaurant is managed by brothers José Orlando and Paulo Affonso Paulillo, who learned the business from their father, Affonso Paulillo, the original “Bolinha."

The tradition and culture that are reflected in Bolinha's  cuisine are the same ingredients in Payscout's recipe for successfully supporting global entrepreneurs: It all starts with culture.

 By engaging international merchants with cultural empathy, by learning about the history and tradition behind Bolinha's authentic Brazilian fare, Payscout powers the customized solutions that drive continued success for Bolinha's point-of-sale payments solutions.

So the next time you're in  São Paulo, Brazil, don't forget to sample the  traditional, authentic Brazilian fare at Bolinha Restaurant - and remember that cultural empathy is the key to supporting the entrepreneurial dream.